Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chooglin & Bridge Club @ The Entry 5/12

Heading to the Entry on a Saturday night is always enough to put me in a good mood. Made it out in time to see two bands on the bill and they were Bridge Club and Chooglin. Both bands that I have seen before but I have to say Bridge Club was definitely the star of the show tonight. I really don't go see this band enough. I wish I knew enough about them to be able to tell you what songs they played and which one I enjoyed most but I haven't familiarized myself with them on that level, yet. And I do mean yet, I will be trying to get to more of their shows in the near future. There's just something this band puts in a song that keeps me interested. Going to so many shows I can get easily distracted. But I'm pulled in with the variety in the vocals and the melody and power that comes out of the guitar work. They really have the trio thing working well for them. Normally my first suggestion would be add another guitar, but right now I'm really happy with what I'm hearing, and seeing from this band.

As far as Chooglin goes, I've seen quite a few really great sets from this band so their performances are always held to a high standard and I just don't feel that the set held up that night. There was off timing and some vocal issues. Good guys and rockin tunes, just not one of their top shows in my books.

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Tremble and Shake said...

Careless Customer,
We really love your blog and hope you will come see us in the future. We will put you on the guest list even! Keep up the great writing...I like your honesty. Chooglin' is truly great and it's nice when someone can criticize without being critical.
Your friends:
Tremble and Shake