Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rockin week

As per usual I have managed to get very lazy with the posts. I'm still going to a lot of shows but don't always take the time to write about them. But here goes on the last week or so.

Sunday Sept 16th at Stasiu's

I went to see The Diealones and The Last Vegas. I'm not sure if I've ever expressed how much I like rocking out to the Diealones. Johnny's sounding great and he's backed by a powerful duo in Dave and Chris. Despite having one guitarist the band puts out a massive, fast paced sound.

The Last Vegas are a Chicago band I was able to check out at Big V's a couple of years ago when they played with Six Six Crush and Bible of the Devil. I have to say that the lead singer looks like a cross between Keith Partridge and Mick Jagger. Definitely an entertainer, kept me on my toes and into his voice. Evidently their song Raw Dog is in Guitar Hero II. Never seen the game so I can't say whether or not thats a good thing. But the dolls influenced rock was right up my alley and provided for a rocking Sunday night.

Tuesday Setp 18th at Big V's,

Went to see my good friends in Mommy Sez No, The Lip Splitters and 30 Second Crash at Big V's. I have to admit Mommy Sez No's songs are catchy and I end up singing them for days after a show. And since they play so often, they're constantly running through my head. Got some great stickers from Jeff and always good catching up with Mike. The Lip Splitters were up next. Jamie and Aaron have taken over vocals since Peckerwood left the band. I think there's quite a few people swaying with the allegiance as he was one of the major drawers for the band. I've heard a lot of people refer to the line up without Peckerwood as simply the Coffin Cheaters. I won't go that far but there are definitely some similarities. Either way I think Aaron and Jamie have done a good job picking up on the vocals and Ben, well Ben is always going to be one of my favorites. 30 Second Crash was up next and I like those boys more and more everytime I see them. A lot of my friends have taken up saying the term "Lordy Pete" and I keep responding, "No, Whiskey Pete." If you don't know what that means, go see a show.

Wednesday Sept 19th at Stasiu's

Back to Stasius for Gay Witch Abortion. What can I say? The same thing everyone says when they talk about Gay Witch Abortion, Shawn Walker has to be the best drummer in Minneapolis. I've heard people refer to him as the Keith Moon of Mpls. Well they wouldn't be wrong. I am time and time again mesmerized by his playing. But it does have to be noted that guitar player Jesse Bottomley is not being outshined. The guitar playing is for lack of a better term, phenomenal. Its almost like the drums and guitar are challenging each other only to end up crashing into one another with a grace that pulls you into the song. Yeah yeah yeah, like em alot, and I'll be seeing them again tonight.

Thursday September 20th at Triple Rock

Well my friends in the Norsemen got to open for the ever entertaining Andre Williams. The Norsemen are one of my favorite local bands and their mix of garage rock and 70s ny punk always keeps me coming back. And I know they were all excited about playing with Andre. Doning a beautiful purple suit with white shirt and tie, Andre grooved his way on stage. At the ripe age of 71 he was working his magic and using what has become of his vocal talents to pull everyone in. The band backing him, the Goldstars, where a lot of fun on their own with dedicated guitarists and strong bass playing. One of the great lines of the night from Andre "If it weren't for you honkeys, this nigga wouldn't be here. Cause the niggas, they don't like me, and I couldn't give a fuck." You could tell Andre was very appreciative of the crowd, or lack their of, that showed up. I picked up a seven inch at the show of Andre covering "Its A Long Way To The Top If You Want to Rock and Roll" and "Fight For Your Right To Party." I'll I have to say is when he gets to "your mammy threw away your best porno mag" you have to love it.

Friday September 21st at Turf Club

The Sinks who's record should be coming out next month

Brimstone Howl from Nebraska was back in town. Their songs are mostly about the small town in Nebraska the majority of the town hails from. Bluesy punk songs about a cyclone hitting the town is one of the best on their latest LP. Also check out the song Heart Attack for a true showing of what this band is about. The band closed with the four members, instruments in hand walking around the floor in an almost chicken match fashion with the one guitar player on the others shoulders and the bass player holding up the drummer. Definitely got the crowd into things and showed St. Paul how the Nebraskans roll.

Up next was the Hipshakes from the UK. What can I say about this band other than fast, extermely fast. Their quick punk guitar sound and thrashing vocals really pulled me in. I wasn't sure whether to knock over the person next to me or attempt to dance. Both Brimstone Howl and the Hipshakes crashed at my friends place where I introduced them to my $9 a case Mountain Crest beer, check out that tab!

Last but certainly not least, Birthday Suits were added to the bill as headliner and I couldn't have been more pleased to show up and find this out. I never get tired of seeing this band, especially watching them thrash about at the Turf. The drumming has an electric speed to it while Hideo slams from side to side using every inch of the stage. The songs range from catchy, melodic to in your face, flat out rock. The next show I'll be attending of theirs will be on Monday October 1st at the Triple Rock. If you have failed to check out this band yet, your are making very poor life choices.

Saturday September 22nd at Club Underground, Stasiu's and The Hexagon.

Yes this was a three show night for me. You know I was in my element. The evening started early with a set by Ouija Radio outside at Club Underground. This was a perfect night for outdoor music. I was impressed by the stage set up, slight sound issues but Ouija Radio overcame. I am going to fail at getting the song names right but I really dig the Ghosts in the Radio song and the always enthusiastic closer (maybe a sign that I should finally pick up a damn CD). I love the energy Matt puts out and the general demeanor and action he and Christy produce when on stage together. As always Christy was lookin lovely and her guitar playing continues to get better and better. After Ouija Radio was the Skullcranes. A band with humorous songs that I actually enjoyed, about time. I get their schtick and I can dig it. While I not become a follower of this band, I won't cringe to see them on the bill. While I was very into Ouija Radio there's definitely a few bands I would have enjoyed more in the Nord NE festival and am looking forward to outside rocking next year.

The next show sent me to Stasiu's to catch the set by Madison's Screamin Cyn Cyn and the Pons. Love these guys and I have to say their show at Stasiu's was one of the best I've seen by them. The sound in that room really does the band right and the crowd really got into it. I live to see that band play the song "If That Bitch." Other greats from the set were "The Cowboy Song," "Slumber Party" and "Girls Night Out." They will be back at Stasiu's on October 20th.

After the Cyn Cyn set we headed over to the Hexagon for my beloved Mighty Mofos. Randy is the best bass player ever! I can't keep gushing about this band, you people just have to see them. They're top notch people and the garage rock is, well, renders me speechless, I love it.

Ok so this brings us to..

Sunday September 23rd at First Avenue

Yes I got into Paul Westerberg for 'The Craft' at First Ave. It was a very cool interview/solo performance. As always I would like more tunes but it was very fun seeing Paul in his laid back demeanor in front of a huge stage set up being interviewed for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you've read the first posts on this page you know I'm a fan. I got to hear a new tune, an old Replacements cast out and one of my favorites "Its A Wonderful Lie" along with quite a few others. It was the fix I needed. I really miss the tour I went on. Check out Man Without Ties or for more information on the show, video clips and some great pictures.

After the show I headed over to the Triple Rock for a movies and music event. My friends Chad and Tracy were DJing under the Rock The Monkey and the movie "Evil Aliens" was played courtesy of Scott from Cinema Apocalypse. If you've never checked out the CA show, I definitely recommend. Scott plays some great clips of movies you probably would otherwise not hear of.

And I actually spent Monday night in.....

Tuesday Sept 25th at Stasiu's

I know this goes beyond the week but I have to mention the band I checked out on Tuesday. My friend Doug is in Eric and the Savages and this band was right up my alley. Very Dolls and Oblivians inspired rock which is what I love. It was a Tuesday night so everyone was seated but I definitely look forward to dancing with a weekend crowd very soon. They're quickly becoming one of my favorite local bands, especially with the departure of The Sons of Yeah. Boys be ready to have me following you around from show to show!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chooglin & Bridge Club @ The Entry 5/12

Heading to the Entry on a Saturday night is always enough to put me in a good mood. Made it out in time to see two bands on the bill and they were Bridge Club and Chooglin. Both bands that I have seen before but I have to say Bridge Club was definitely the star of the show tonight. I really don't go see this band enough. I wish I knew enough about them to be able to tell you what songs they played and which one I enjoyed most but I haven't familiarized myself with them on that level, yet. And I do mean yet, I will be trying to get to more of their shows in the near future. There's just something this band puts in a song that keeps me interested. Going to so many shows I can get easily distracted. But I'm pulled in with the variety in the vocals and the melody and power that comes out of the guitar work. They really have the trio thing working well for them. Normally my first suggestion would be add another guitar, but right now I'm really happy with what I'm hearing, and seeing from this band.

As far as Chooglin goes, I've seen quite a few really great sets from this band so their performances are always held to a high standard and I just don't feel that the set held up that night. There was off timing and some vocal issues. Good guys and rockin tunes, just not one of their top shows in my books.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Naked Raygun @ Triple Rock 5/4/07

Ok I'm going to be the first to admit that I wasn't extremely impressed with this show. I was glad to take advantage of the chance to see this band but they're not something I'd go out of my way for again. It is always inspiring to see a crowd so into a show but it couldn't get me any where as into the music as they were. Plus there was way too much audience participation on the vocals. Jeff looked very happy about how into things the crowd were but I did come here to hear you sing too. I also forgot that it would be an evening of "oooohh oooh ooooowhs." And honestly there's just a certain limit I can take of them. Especially with the band before them, The Methadones also having music filled with that. I've never been a fan of the Methadones, there's too much pop in their punk for me. Anyway. Again, glad I went, got a chance to see it, just wasn't really my thing.

Gore Gore Girls, Ouija Radio, Sons Of Yeah

Another great night at the 7th St Entry on 5/3/07. I pretty much appreciated all bands on this bill for their talent and strong sound. Sons of Yeah started out the show and the crowd was pretty thin at that point. Really wish there were more people as I love dancing to this band but am not much for dancing by myself. If you're reading this and haven't seen this band I highly suggest it. Yes they are all my friends but its the music that brings me to every show. Its a great 50-60s style garage rock that always keeps my toes tapping. The ever talented Ouija Radio was up next which brought a lot more people into the entry. Very progressive, very hard rockin and hard working band. Last up was the Gore Gore Girls. It was so fun to dance to this band with some good friends. And the ladies definitely had the men in the room whiping drool from their chins. They're a great blend of garage rock, sixties girls groups, rockabilly and a punk influence that can't be denied. All bands worked really well together and of course it was the Entry. That always adds a little something.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Out of Towners

So I've come to realize there may actually be more people out there that realize that I sometimes write about the shows I see. And my lack of posting does not equal lack of band watching because lord knows I've been out. Too much maybe. But thats a topic for a whole other meeting.

I've had the opportunity to see a number of really great bands in the plast month or two. I admit that I'm extremely stuck in my local scene and over the past month or so have seen Sons Of Yeah, Six Six Crush, Jehovah's Shitlist, Hypstrz, Bluebird, Come Ons, Virgin Whores, Birthday Suits, Lip Splitters, Ouija Radio, Norsemen, Bellevue Death Squad and 30 Second Crash (to name a few), many of them multiple times. But I've also seen a good lot of touring bands that deserve to be mentioned.

Let's start off with the Carbonas (atlanta, ga) and Pets at the Turf Club on 3.22.07. I worked until 930 and lets just say that the performance really made me kick myself for missing their earlier set at the Alamo house. I can't write a review to save my life but the energy, enthusiasm and danceability of this band really made for a grand time at the Turf. Most of the crowd consisted of the bands playing and the few fortunate enough to be out and catch the act, but there were quite a few hips shaking and I'll be looking forward to everytime they come back to mpls.

Next up I'd like to talk about Stinking Lizaveta at the Triple Rock on 4.2.07. I know I've written about this band before, but you'll keep reading it because this band is really one of my favorite bands to see live. And as always I'm amazed at the lack of people at their shows. The last three times I've seen them have been twice on tuesdays and one monday but still. This is Stinking Lizaveta people, get the fuck out to the show. And for those of you lucky enough to have caught this post, you'll be informed that they will be back on May 28th again at the Triple Rock. I promise you will not be let down. Its a prog, stoner, metal rock combination that is too fun not to experience

The next out of towners show was Madison's Screamin Cyn Cyn and the Pons teamed up with NY's Mathematicians also playing were the ever entertaining Ouija Radio. Cyn Cyn I think is a great band to get you in the mood to dance, rock out and just plain smile. Rockin tunes and great people, always a pleasure to have in town. And how do I describe Mathematicians, a little beastie boys, a little devo, a little, oh I don't know I suck at this, Elvis Costello? Yet the songs are well mathematic. They have songs that will have you moving your ass in a different way while feeling more than connected to each member. And this time they brought a light show. It was a swell time at the Hexagon that evening.

The Vicious @ Memory Lanes on 4.13.07. Yet again a band that made me wish I didn't have a 1-930 schedule because I'm sure they tore apart the Alamo. Even on a sound system at a bowling alley this swedish punk band fully lives up to their name. They're a group that I have come to adore. And with a self given description of "Graveyard Rock" you know the lyrics definitely rule, what I caught of them. I was very impressed by all musicians and all elements of this band. I really wish I had more cash to buy their 12in at the show, but in time it will come. For a great punk show, keep an eye out for The Vicious.

Two more, take a breath, bathroom break, grab some whiskey.

Clorox Girls at Triple Rock on 4.19.07. I spent the first half of the evening watching Six Six Crush at the Poodle Club that I regret I only made the last Red Dons song. This band features members of The Observers, a band I came to love after seeing at Big V's with the Clorox Girls. Anyway, sorry to miss the guys but of course got a great set from the C-Girls. Another night were I was very disappointed in the lack of attendance, but the Clorox Girls didn't lack in energy. Ryan Perry sums it up well by saying "Musically, Clorox Girls seamlessly blend strong pop beats, surf riffs, and bubble-gummy harmonies that evoke thoughts of (while from the wrong coast) some of the Ramones' sweeter love songs as well as hints of Chuck Berry and Ritchie Valens. "

Birds of Avalon at The Entry on 4.24.07. Was summoned down to the Entry when I found out the Sons Of Yeah (a band I am very devoted to) had been added to the bill at the last minute. I must say I'm definitely glad I had a reason to go to the Entry. I had sadly not heard of the Birds of Avalon and would have missed one hell of a show. They're a prog/psych band with a vocalist that I found to be exactly what I like. The band filled the stage and the Entry with a sound and show that you couldn't take your eyes off of. I really enjoyed the vocalist and had a chance to chat with him afterwards, very swell guy. Hope to see them back soon. Here's a quote off their myspace page that I found pretty truthful: "Led by a pair of guitarists who seem, by sheer force, to be powering their amplifiers rather than the other way around, Birds of Avalon make thunderous, precise rock with enough proggy smarts to keep you on your toes.” "

Friday, November 17, 2006

New York Dolls @ First Ave

Yes there are plenty of arguments you can make regarding the status of this band. Obviously they're missing a few members. And it may be tough to continue on under that name but they are still playing music of the Dolls. And while it wasn't the most exciting show I've ever been to, I had a hell of a good time. Who wouldn't want to see David Johnasen with his sparkling costume jewelry and crotch bulge thats bigger than his legs. Plus Sylvain is still there rockin out and wearing that ever awesome Max's Kansas City Belt. The guitarist filling in Johnny Thunders role was pretty much a clone with more muscle. However, playing styles are completely different. Johnny's style was always all over the place and the replacement was way to clean and precise. Had too much of a format to his playing. Not that he didn't have talent, its just a different style. Here's a couple of pics my friend got on his cell phone.

Last weekend

Friday night was Faggot at Station 4. Really don't care for that place but great people, and rockin' tunes so I decided to go. They were playing in conjunction with a peircing type convention that had people hanging from crosses that were hooked into their bodys. It was pretty intense, they looked in a bit of pain, but hey if that's their thing.

Saturday night was a drive to Madison to see Bible of the Devil at the High Noon Saloon. Now here's a place I dig, especially the $3 drink prices! And to top it off I got a room at the Hilton Monona Terrace for $66. So I got to stroll up to the lobby check in with my holey chuck taylors and a new york dolls tshirt, surrounded by people in suits and ties. I loved every minute of it. The place was very posh with an extremely comfortable bed and a most beautiful view of the capital. Dinner at Casa Lara included a 64 oz pitcher of margaritas and then on to the show just in time for Bible to start. They were definitely on that night, blistering straight through a set of aggressive rock. I even bought a tshirt. Lots of whiskey and wine later and that bed at the hilton was the right place for me.

The next day on the way home we stopped by the Land of Evermore and extremely cool sculpture garden located just outside Baraboo, WI. Anyone that makes that trip should check it out. Here's the web site: The coolest scrap metal sculptures I've ever seen. We'll definitely be going back.